Caldwell STAFF

Charter Administrator

C. J. Watson

Charter Administrator

Jessica Figueroa


We’re looking for exceptional teachers and leaders to join our team!
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Dean of Students

Heather Ramos

Office Manager & Administrative Assistant

Gaby Villaseñor

Attendance Clerk & Administrative Assistant

David Espinoza

High School Counselor

Jessica Cooper LPC, RS

Middle School Counselor

Mekayla Bishop LMSW

Instructional Coach

MariJo Maybon

Reading Specialist & ELL Coordinator

Amy Huhtala

Special Education Director

Hollie Sullivan

Administrative Assistant- Special Education

Jodi Lile

School Resource Officer

Officer Paul Stevens

Food Service Director

April Mason

Head of Maintenance

Gustavo Villaseñor

Maintenance Custodian

Raul Ruano

Technology Director

Adam Garvey

Career Placement Coordinator

Esai Longoria

Credit Recovery Specialist

Cole Baker

Middle School Science

Thom Baker

Welding & Metal Arts

Mike Bell

High School English

Michele Bonneau

6th Grade Teacher

Becky Bridgewater

Culinary Arts

Eileen Bromgard

Health and Fitness

Billy Buchhauser

Special Education Instructor

Tasha Chadaz

CTE Shop Bridge

Greg Cocozza

High School Social Studies

Jon Cooper

Machining & Manufacturing

Kelly Culver

Classroom Aid

Michelle De la Portilla

High School Math

Armando de León

Graphic Arts

Paul Finnell


Chris Fogle

Classroom Aid

Alex Fuller

High School Math

Ernie Garrison

Special Education Instructor

Shayla Gladney

Business & Marketing

Sophia Jacobsen


Allan Koerkenmeier

High School Science

Meggan Laughrey

7th Grade English

K.C. Longoria

Middle School English

Justine Mai

High School Social Studies

Alex Maxwell

Criminal Justice

Blain McKean

Middle School Math

Afton McSherry

Special Education Aid

Carlos Murana

Food Service Cook

Ana Murillo Aguliar

Medical Arts

Diana Mysinger

8th Grade Math

Craig Pentecost

Special Education Aid

Madilyn Petersen

Middle School Social Studies

Jessica Quier

High School English

Robert Readmond

High School Math

Caroline Reese

6th Grade Teacher

Rosie Reynosa

High School English

John Rezendes

Classroom Aid

Mariah Rezendes

Food Service Cook

Leticia Serrato

Classroom Aid

Garrett Severson

Transportation Manager & Classroom Aid

Chris Siegenthaler

Special Education Instructor

Ira Stancliff

High School Science

Teague Sweesy

High School English

Erin Tetreault

Bus Driver

Bryant Johnson

Bus Driver

M'Lissa Bowen

Bus Driver

Angela Witt

Bus Driver

Amanda Slack

Bus Driver

Lana Ramos


Board Member

Kellie Foreman

Amy Rojas
Board Member

Amy Rojas

Board Member

Becki Woodbury

Board Member

Aldolfo Valdez

Brooke Stevenson
Board Member

Brooke Stevenson

Erik Bullock
Board Member

Erik Bullock

Board Member

Gilbert Longoria

We Believe In...

We believe that all students, who have the opportunity to engage in school and activities that inspire them, will be more likely to develop habits and dispositions that will lead to success in the workforce and keep them focused and on a path towards success.

We believe in the Power 100 curriculum. It sets students on a path towards ownership of and success in their life.

We believe in changing the experience for students that have not enjoyed school.

We believe in learning that is personalized to meet the needs of each student. Students will learn in POD’s for core subject time with guidance and mentoring of their teacher to best utilize their time. Students will be assigned lecture style learning, independent work, or small group instruction during the day based on their individual needs.

We believe in second chances. Elevate has created Peak and Crest programs that allows students who are behind in credits to participate and earn industry certifications and their workforce readiness certificate while catching up on credits that lead to graduation.

We believe in the Social and Emotional needs of all students. Elevate has partnered with a Lifeways which will have an on-campus office available to students and their families.